What is the difference between the NBCA Land Use/Zoning Committee and NPU-B?

Our North Buckhead Civic Association Land Use/Zoning committee is not the same thing as NPU-B.  They are separate organizations with different rules, functions and meetings.

Don’t be confused by the fact that both organizations have an N and a B in their abbreviations!

NBCA” stands for the North Buckhead Civic Association.  It is one of 13 neighborhoods that make up NPU-B.  The NBCA Land Use/Zoning Committee — whose website you are now on — is the committee designated by NBCA to evaluate variance, zoning and subdivision applications at the neighborhood level.  We report our findings to NPU-B and the City of Atlanta planning department.

NPU-B” is an abbreviation for Neighborhood Planning Unit B.  NPUs are created by the city charter and are made up of neighborhoods in a designated area of the city.  NPU-B encompasses the following neighborhoods  in addition to North Buckhead:  Brookhaven; Buckhead Forest; Buckhead Heights; Chastain Park East; Garden Hills; Peachtree Heights East; Peachtree Heights West; Peachtree Hills; Peachtree Park; Pine Hills; Ridgedale Park; and South Tuxedo Park.  To learn more about NPU-B, visit their website at www.npu-b.com.

In general, any application within NPU-B must first come before the neighborhood from which the application arises.  When you file your application with the city, it will first be sent to NPU-B.

It will then be forwarded by NPU-B to the neighborhood in which it arises, and you will receive an email from NPU-B directing you to your neighborhood contact, in this case, Dr. Walda Lavroff.  It is then your responsibility to follow up with the neighborhood as detailed here.

Our NBCA Land Use/Zoning Committee reviews applications that arise within North Buckhead. We thereafter make recommendations to the city planning department and to the Zoning Committee of NPU-B.

Meeting with the NBCA Land Use/Zoning Committee is separate from your meetings with NPU-B.

It is up to you to be sure to meet with NBCA before going to NPU-B.

It is also up to you to be sure you keep up with the NPU-B schedule. Generally the NPU-B Zoning Committee meets the last Tuesday of each month at 7:00 P.M. at Cathedral of St. Phillip, 2744 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, Georgia 30305 (Room 382).

NPU agendas are available online and can be accessed on the city’s website. Follow this link. It is YOUR responsibility to be sure you follow up appropriately with NPU-B and that you make yourself aware of all meeting times and other requirements.

For additional information see NPU-B’s website.