December 19, 2016

1.  Introduction and Order of Business

2. U-16-032: 4055 Roswell Rd; Council District 8; Chastain Park. Zoned, R-3.  Property Owner Buckhead Baptist Church, Inc.  Little DaVinci International School, Inc. seeks to use this property as a Day-care Center for a Private School per details spelled out in the application documents.

3. Z-16-092: 4609 Wieuca Rd., Zoned R-LC-C; Owner Bill Ames seeks to change the currently restricted use of this property from “Law offices only” to ‘Offices and Specialty shops’; the zoning R-LC-C would remain as is. (Committee Task group Richard Newton, Bob Young).

4. Pre-application discussion requested by architect Kevin Maher on behalf of his client re a possible development adjacent to Post Alexander, located near North Stratford Road.

5. Committee Business