November 21, 2016

1. Introduction and Order of Business.

2. V-16-288: 4077 Statewood Rd. NE. Zoned R-3: Applicant Robert Turner seeks to reduce the required northern side yard setback from 10 feet to 8.5 feet to erect an addition to a single family dwelling. (Task group Bennett, Young).

3. V-16-299: 4007 Whittington Drive NE. Zoned R-3: Applicant Stephen Kwan seeks to exceed the maximum width allowed for a driveway in the front yard from 20 feet to 31.1 feet, and permit a parking bay in the required front yard where it is otherwise prohibited. (Task group Franz, Newton).

4. Courtesy Presentation for an adjoining Neighborhood: SD-16-026: 3757 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd. NE; Brookhaven : Andy Kao, agent for KC Investment Group LLC, seeks to divide this property into two lots.

5. Committee Business.