April 18, 2016

  1. Introduction and order of business.
  2. Z-16-021 4362 Wieuca Road.  Pursuant to this application, the applicant requests a rezoning of 4362 Wieuca Road N.E. from the R-3 zoning district to the PD-H zoning district. The total site consists of 2.88 acres. Upon rezoning, the suq_ject property will be developed with live (5) single family lots. Under R-3 the size of the subject property would accommodate six ( 6) lots so the proposal provides less density than what is allowed on the site pursuant to the existing R-3 zoning. ‘fhc common areas in the development will be maintained by a homeowner’s association tor the development. The subject property is a very deep yet narrow site with significant stream and topographical challenges. Rezoning to PD-H provides the opportunity to provide a more suitable layout of lots than the current R-3 zoning would pennit.  Task force:  Dieter Franz, Robert Young, Andrea Bennett.Site Plan can be downloaded here.
  3. Committee business.  Suggestion for a letter by NBCA to City Planning re: 3876 Wieuca Terrace; Access via a private alley.