October 19, 2015

1. Introduction and Order of Business

2. V-15-259: 3988 Stovall Terrace; Zoned R-3: Applicant Stephen Furr seeks a Special exception to increase the maximum allowed height of a retaining wall in the side yard from 6’ to 9’ for an egress stair from a subterranean basement. (Committee task group Harsh; Arnold)

3. Z-15-053: 4087 Haverhill Rd.; 321 Herrington Dr. NE; 320 Lakemoore Dr. NE.
Applicant Cole Forsyth seeks to Rezone property from RG-2 to PD-H to enable the construction of 30 single family detached dwellings of 0 to 16 units per acre.
(Committee task group Young, Arnold, Lavroff).