First Steps

“I am seeking a variance, rezoning or trying to create a new subdivision.  What do I do first?”

The first thing you must do is to file your application with the city.

Once you have done that, the city will send your application to NPU-B.

In turn, NPU-B will refer your application to North Buckhead for an initial review.  You will receive an email from Bill Murray, the chair of NPU-B’s zoning committee, directing you to contact Walda Lavroff, the chair of NBCA’s zoning committee.

When you get that email, you should immediately contact Walda Lavroff and forward to her a COMPLETE copy of your application.  This should include any site plans, renderings, photos and the Referral Certificate you got from the city when you filed your application.  You must include a copy of all pages of the Referral Certificate.

When you contact Walda Lavroff, you will make arrangements for the NBCA to meet with you onsite to discuss your plan.

You will also need to get a written statement from all affected property owners (owners, not tenants) acknowledging that they are aware of your application and stating whether or not they support it.  They do not have to agree, but it is important that they be notified and that you have their response in writing.  If they do not support your application they should include  a brief statement explaining their opposition.

After you have done these things, your application will be heard by the NBCA Land Use/Zoning committee at its next available monthly meeting.  Thereafter, the committee will issue a report on its findings to the city and to NPU-B.  You will get a copy of the report.

Your application will then go back to NPU-B.  The NPU-B Zoning Committee will then take up your application at its next available meeting.  However, you should be sure to complete the process with NBCA before you attempt to go back to NPU-B.

For other questions, be sure to check this website.  Remember, as the applicant you are responsible for following the process and completing all necessary steps.