How can I learn more about variances?

All applicants for variances must present their application to the North Buckhead Land Use/Zoning Committee before going to NPU-B and the BZA. In order to be placed on the agenda, contact Committee Chair Dr. Walda Lavroff.

The Land Use/Zoning Committee normally meets the third Monday of each month at 7:00 PM at the Wieuca Road Baptist Church in Room S-103. In order to be placed on the agenda, you must contact the committee at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting date.

You must notify all adjoining neighbors of your application. You should obtain a letter from each neighboring owner stating whether they approve of disapprove of the application.  You must bring copies of those letters with you when you present your application to the Committee.  The letters should be from the owner of the property, not just a resident.

The Committee will usually post a sign on the property in advance of the meeting advising the community of the hearing.  However, the applicant is responsible for the timely posting of all signs required by the city.

Code Section governing variances:

Grounds: “Findings Required: Except as permitted by the provisions of subsection (2) below, variances may be granted by the board only upon making all of the following findings: (a) There are extraordinary and exceptional conditions pertaining to the particular piece of property in question because of its size, shape or topography; (b) The application of the Zoning Ordinance of the City of Atlanta to this particular piece of property would create an unnecessary hardship; (c) Such conditions are peculiar to the particular piece of property involved; and (d) Relief, if granted, would not cause substantial detriment to the public good or impair the purposes and intent of the Zoning Ordinance of the City of Atlanta…”


Board of Zoning Adjustment public hearings are held in the City Council chambers on the second floor of the Atlanta City Hall annex at 55 Trinity Avenue.  Consult the city of Atlanta website at the link indicated for schedules and further details, or contact the Department of Planning, 55 Trinity Avenue, Suite 3350 Atlanta, Georgia 30303, 404.330.6145.