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Planning Director discusses tree ordinance

Tim Keane, Atlanta’s planning commissioner, said his department is working to strengthen the city’s tree ordinance, making it less about paying fees to remove trees and more about protecting trees. via Keane discusses tree ordinance, traffic at Buckhead Council –

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Foxes in Buckhead

Dapper visitors.

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Step Inside This World Made for Bees

For now, the plants are stubby. Nearly 1,000 of them—bee balm, asters, coneflower, thistle—are nestled into packed-dirt walls arcing up 6 feet into the air. But as the summer wears on, they’ll grow. “I’m not producing a flower show, where

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Sandy Springs can build great park system

Trail expert: Sandy Springs can build great park system; cites Buckhead’s example – Reporter Newspapers.

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New plan treats stormwater as resource

The GI plan has the potential to remake the way the city handles stormwater and put Atlanta at the forefront of water sustainability. It envisions viewing stormwater runoff as a resource rather than as waste. In a nutshell, green infrastructure

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