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New section of Beltline in Buckhead

The project will include construction of a 10-foot-wide multiuse trail along the north side of Peachtree Creek on Woodward Way east of Northside Drive. A new bridge over the creek connecting to the existing Northwest Beltline Corridor at Dellwood Drive

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Buckhead condo tower moving forward

A glitzy, glassy condo building is one step closer to reality after developers filed for permits for the 18-story structure at Buckhead Triangle. via Ritzy Buckhead Triangle condo tower is moving forward – Curbed Atlanta.  

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Walkable neighborhoods more valuable

…If a region has a low supply of good urban communities that are inviting to pedestrians — and that have destinations easily reachable on foot — then the homes within that limited supply are more likely to have a high

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Sandy Springs can build great park system

Trail expert: Sandy Springs can build great park system; cites Buckhead’s example – Reporter Newspapers.

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GDOT responds to Peachtree comments

The Georgia Department of Transportation mailed a rare detailed response letter this week those who participated in its October open house or provided comments by mail or email to its controversial plan to restripe Peachtree Road between Pharr Road and I-85. **** Of the

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Eastside Trail extension gets underway

Atlanta Beltline Inc. officials told a packed house at Trees Atlanta on Monday that the start date was approaching for the long-awaited project to extend the Eastside Trail south to DeKalb Avenue and east along DeKalb (here’s the full presentation).

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Vision for GA 400 Park

The board of the Buckhead Community Improvement District (BCID) Tuesday was presented a preliminary “vision” of what a one-third-mile long, 9 acre park created out of thin air over GA 400 and the MARTA rail line might look like and

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PATH400: Extension to I-285 and beyond

There is a large degree of optimism being expressed by partners in Buckhead’s PATH400 project that discussions presently underway will lead to the multi-use trail being extended north along GA 400 into the Perimeter area neighborhoods north of I-285. via

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CID Director Talks Growth & Planning

The next time you lament that you are stuck in traffic, consider that, in fact, you are traffic. That is why we need also to be creating viable options for getting around without use of an automobile and encouraging a

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Extension of PATH400 north of Perimeter

The first half-mile-long segment of PATH400 opened in Buckhead earlier this year and another portion is under construction. Residents of Sandy Springs and Dunwoody have argued the multi-use trail should extend north of I-285 to connect with trails in their

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It’s only relatively recently in the United…

“It’s only relatively recently in the United States, that all of our streets’ historic purposes—commerce, socializing, playing—were subsumed by one activity: driving.” — Why Can’t We Party in the Street? | Angie Schmitt, GOOD Magazine The linked article offers a

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Desire paths in car-centric Metro Atlanta Kids…

Zoning laws typically impose minimum infrastructure requirements for cars but not so much for pedestrians. Desire paths in car-centric Metro Atlanta Kids….

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The Invention of America’s ‘Love Affair’ With the Automobile -

One historian calls [the phrase America's love affair with the automobile'] a “masterstroke of public relations” made possible by a single 1961 television special. via The Invention of America’s ‘Love Affair’ With the Automobile – CityLab.

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Decatur Metro – News, Events & Discussion » 2014 Survey: Over Half of Decatur Residents Support 25 MPH City-Wide Speed Limit

67% of Decatur residents favor a citywide speed limit of 25 mph. Decatur Metro – News, Events & Discussion » 2014 Survey: Over Half of Decatur Residents Support 25 MPH City-Wide Speed Limit.

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Empty streets and the perception of safety This…

In Downtown Atlanta I can walk along a street like Peachtree Center Avenue, above, at night and not pass another pedestrian for blocks; there will be only a few cars shooting by to keep me company as I stroll by

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Walking the #1 bus route in Atlanta

About three miles into it we realized that, outside of a few people near the MARTA station where we started, we hadn’t passed a single pedestrian, only a group of people standing around waiting for a Veteran’s Day parade later

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Suburbs Becoming More Urban

In Downtown, Midtown, the Westside, and Buckhead, skyscrapers and midrises– most of them mixed use developments– have been completed, planned or are under construction on many of the vacant parking lots that used to be spotted all over.  Atlantans are moving into highrises, midrises

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Walkable communities can blunt cognitive decline

New study results from the University of Kansas to be presented this weekend at the Gerontological Society of America’s annual meeting in Washington, D.C., bolster the adage that “heart healthy is brain healthy.” The investigation shows neighborhoods that motivate walking

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