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Planning Director discusses tree ordinance

Tim Keane, Atlanta’s planning commissioner, said his department is working to strengthen the city’s tree ordinance, making it less about paying fees to remove trees and more about protecting trees. via Keane discusses tree ordinance, traffic at Buckhead Council –

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Buckhead REdeFINED Plan Underway

Buckhead REdeFINED, a plan to make greater Buckhead more vital, mobile and livable, was unveiled at a meeting of neighborhood activists, civic and business leaders and planners at the Atlanta International School. via BuckheadViewBuckhead REdeFINED: Connectivity, Traffic and Affordable Housing

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Undoing damage caused by interstates

The proposal to cover a section of Atlanta’s Downtown Connector with new parks and development is not unique. In fact, the so-called “Stitch” is one of several such potential projects in cities around the country whose primary intent is to

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Zoning update to take 3-5 years

Updating the zoning codes will be a three to five year process, but Lee said the office is initiating what she called a series of “quick wins” that could be implemented in the next three to six months. Those “quick

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Residential project at Peachtree Battle

Branch Properties files for construction permits on Peachtree Battle high-rise – BuckheadView.

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New plan treats stormwater as resource

The GI plan has the potential to remake the way the city handles stormwater and put Atlanta at the forefront of water sustainability. It envisions viewing stormwater runoff as a resource rather than as waste. In a nutshell, green infrastructure

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Streets are People Places

I have a favorite saying about transportation: “If you plan cities for cars and traffic, you get cars and traffic. If you plan for people and places, you get people and places.” It sounds obvious, but when I make this

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Vision for GA 400 Park

The board of the Buckhead Community Improvement District (BCID) Tuesday was presented a preliminary “vision” of what a one-third-mile long, 9 acre park created out of thin air over GA 400 and the MARTA rail line might look like and

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Are Apartments Bad for Brookhaven?

Single-family home owners tend to be skeptical of apartments, and Brookhaven homeowners are no exception.  The perception is that 1) apartments will be a drag on property values, 2) apartment renters will not be vested in the well-being of the

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CID Director Talks Growth & Planning

The next time you lament that you are stuck in traffic, consider that, in fact, you are traffic. That is why we need also to be creating viable options for getting around without use of an automobile and encouraging a

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Philadelphia a Great Bicycle City

If you were to name the big American city with the highest rate of commuter cycling, Philadelphia might not be the first place that would come to mind. But Philly is, in fact, the U.S. city with more a million

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Walking the #1 bus route in Atlanta

About three miles into it we realized that, outside of a few people near the MARTA station where we started, we hadn’t passed a single pedestrian, only a group of people standing around waiting for a Veteran’s Day parade later

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Suburbs Becoming More Urban

In Downtown, Midtown, the Westside, and Buckhead, skyscrapers and midrises– most of them mixed use developments– have been completed, planned or are under construction on many of the vacant parking lots that used to be spotted all over.  Atlantans are moving into highrises, midrises

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Gables mixed-use tower on E. Paces Ferry – Buckhead View

A newly announced Gables Residential mixed-use development—with 327 residential units and 3,000 square feet of commercial space—is another in a growing list of development projects that likely will transform East Paces Ferry Road from Peachtree to Piedmont in the next

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The incredible drop in car use, from 1995 to 2009 …

In a few more years, if patterns of good urbanism increase, I think we’ll see some good changes in mode share for transit, cycling and pedestrian commutes in the US overall. Certainly, the decrease in VMT shows that people are

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Learning from Sprawl – Ryan Gravel

Ryan Gravel, mastermind of the Atlanta Beltline, recently posted this cool little video about sprawl on his website, Gravelblog. via Learning from Sprawl Ryan Gravel, mastermind of….

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Urbanization is ‘new normal’ for Canada

The surge in city living over suburban living is no longer an “emerging trend” but “the new normal” as millennials — and a growing number of their parents — transform downtown cores across much of Canada at dizzying speed, according

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Should we be thinking about Linear Cities?

It’s really a brilliant idea. Instead of going up, with buildings connected by rail or road, you go horizontal, and the building becomes the communications link as well, with rail running underneath. you just walk out the door and you

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Walkable communities can blunt cognitive decline

New study results from the University of Kansas to be presented this weekend at the Gerontological Society of America’s annual meeting in Washington, D.C., bolster the adage that “heart healthy is brain healthy.” The investigation shows neighborhoods that motivate walking

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Brookhaven approves comprehensive plan

The Brookhaven City Council on Nov. 18 approved its Comprehensive Plan 2034. “We are excited to have this first ever city of Brookhaven comprehensive plan,” Susan Canon, community development director, said, calling it a “20-year blueprint” for city planning. A

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